Finally, there is top quality FDA cleared class-4 laser designed exclusively for the all the major health markets that offers high-end features and great support at a more reasonable price. The EVOlaser crushes the other well-established lasers like K-Laser, Aspen and LiteCure by providing all the higher-end features for up to 1/2 the cost of competitive systems. The EVOlaser packs a large 7.2 inch touchscreen into a small overall package so it provides a better compromise between portability and ease of programming when compared to the tiny 4.2 inch screen of the K-laser and the bulky housings of the Aspen and K-laser.

All EVOlaser have a primary wavelength of 810nm. Recent independent research has shown that 810nm is the best wavelength for deep penetration, photobiomodulation and it get the best results for almost all application where healing is the primary goal. In the research, they found that 810nm provides up to 30 times the penetration as 980nm systems. (If you are looking for a mainly thermal laser [980nm], we can special order a 980nm-only systems). The EVOlaser higher-end options offer 980nm as a secondary wavelength and it is independently controlled at 980nm and 625nm wavelength just like the high-end multi-wavelength system. As a secondary or tertiary wavelength 980nm is great for those those that also want muscle relaxation and increased circulation in addition to the 810nm primary wavelength. Even though 980nm and 635nm are outside of the therapeutic window, they still add benefit in many applications and make the laser more flexible. EVOlaser systems easily switch between pulsing and continuous wave and include an extensive internal protocol library. All systems come in a waterproof case with 3 pairs of glasses.

Model S9 D30 Q27
Power & Wavelength 9 watts @810nm

30 watts @ 810nm/980nm
15 watts @ 810nm
& 15 watts @ 980nm

9 watts @ 810nm
9 watts @ 980nm
9 watts @ 915nm
200mW @ 650nm

Typical Dosage 6480 joules in 12 minutes 8500 joules in 5 minutes 8000 joules in 5 minutes with wavelength diversity
Best Application Huge step up from most class 1-3 laser systems. Perfect for practices addressing structural and muslcular issues. Provides the maximum flexibility.
Price $9,950
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